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Stories - William Francis Skally

Remembered by Many

"Bill" Skally was not a man who lived for fame; There are many who will remember his name.

Many stories about him could be told, as the final chapter of this life is closed.

He had a heart as good as gold. He never mistreated anyone young or old.

No matter "who" or what the "case" he never judged you by “your race".

The life he lived was well worthwhile. His job was done with truth and a smile.

No more on this earth will he roam, for the Lord has called him home.

We can all learn a lesson from Skally and his ways; as we go about our home and job each and every day.

To all of us this legacy he leaves; do good towards each other and in God always believe.

For if we want to reach the Heavens to be with the Lord above, we must show each other compassion and brotherly love.

Death separates the body from the “soul”, where a new life will unfold.

Skally is now on the "other side", there is no sickness, nor fear of pain, and he will be there waiting until we meet again.

This poem cannot express all that William Skally meant to this community. Each of us will remember him in our own way.

It would be great If there were more William Skally's in this State

Farewell to a friend of Many


Written by Marcia Clark

NSP/St. Albans Church

With Sympathy and Understanding for the family of William F. Skally

Published in The St.Paul Pioneer Paper, October 19, 1989