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Stories - William Joseph Skally
Bill Skally loved to dance and he was usually the first one on the dance floor. It wasn't the type of dance where you just took up a small space and left room for other people, he was all over the dance floor. Dancing by himself, dancing with a partner, or dancing with a group! He loved most music and if he didn't love it he would still take a little time to dance to it.

The first time we saw him dance to Proud Mary the Tina Turner version was at Michelle's wedding. If you haven't heard that version you should really listen to it.

It starts out slow and gets really fast. So there we were dancing to Proud Mary real slow and then BAM the music gets fast and Dad takes off like a rocket all over the dance floor. Little kids fled to the safety of their parents side. People stopped their conversion and stared in awe as Bill moved his body in every direction imaginable. Then it happened. His white shirt came off and was swung over his head in a lasso motion. A moment never to be forgotten!