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Stories - William Joseph Skally

Physiological Warfare

I remember that when he would ask me do do something, I would protest as any child would. But then he would simply say, "Rebecca let's see if you can set a record. One time I vacuumed the whole house when I was about your age in four minutes and thirty seven seconds!" I would think wow I could break that record, grab the vacuum, and try to beat his record. Meanwhile Dad was probably giving himself a high five for his great idea, and he avoided me throwing a fit! Pretty smart!!!!!

Chad Diapers

According to the tale Dad told, Chad was becoming rather old for diapers and Dad was getting tired of changing them. Chad had no intention of moving on to underwear after many attempts by Dad. So one day Chad had a diaper that needed to be changed and a rather smelly one.

So after Chad go all cleaned up Dad said, ' That was the last diaper I am changing. I can't do it anymore you are too big. If you want to continue to wear diapers you will find the extra diapers and wipes over there. Otherwise you can wear underwear like every other kid your age and then you won't have to worry about changing your messy diapers. The toilet is there whenever you need it, your extra clothes are here if you have an accident. I'm done with changing your diapers.'

He was very matter of fact about it and walked away. He said Chad used the toilet from that moment on and never went back to diapers. I'm sure he didn't have too many accidents because kids don't usually like to change their own wet clothes.

Adult Birthday SongĀ 

So Dad would call me on my birthday and sing:
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Get Plastered you
Bad Girl
Happy Birthday to you

The first time he sang that I was in college and I thought it was so funny!