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Stories - William Joseph Skally
Dad loved to play softball with us and our friends.  As many of you know there are those who can hit a ball after the first couple of pitches and those who need 10- 15 pitches. So my Dad would usually take over pitching and let people take as many swings as they needed. Because Chad and I were there and Dad usually showed up to help pitch we started calling it Skallyball. Skallyball has different rules than soft ball and I will list them:

1. You do not strike out when you are up to bat. You keep trying until you hit the ball. Once you hit it you run and try not to get out that way. If your ball is caught in the air, that is an out.

2. Everyone gets to bat two times each inning. So you try to score as many runs as you can until everyone has had their two turns.

3. There are nine innings so the team with the most runs after nine innings wins, not like we ever really cared. It was fun to get together and play Skallyball.