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Stories - William Joseph Skally

When you mentioned going through hospice with your dad I started thinking back in time when you guys lived next door to my parents.  My brother and I along with a couple of neighborhood kids spent our days playing outside.  We played just about every kind of sport you can think of, we even played golf.  You and your sister were just babies so obviously you 2 were to young to be playing.  Anyways your dad must have observed us kids playing outside enough to notice that my older brother Jeff had no trouble dominating over the rest of us kids because he was clearly the oldest.  Your dad wanted to give Jeff a taste of his own medicine and called us over to play a game of football with him.  Your dad picked 2 kids to be on his team, me and my brother Larry. The rest of the kids on the other team.  For the first time ever Larry and I were finally able to beat Jeff at a sport with the help from your dad. It was sweet win.  And what made it even sweeter is that Jeff was such a poor loser.  Your dad helped 2 young kids achieve something that up until then was unachievable, a win.  Your dad was a very cool guy with a great sense of humor and fairness.  I would see him occasionally when we hauled the container at 624 Grand.  He always seemed to be in a hurry or had somewhere to go but he always took a few minutes to bs with me.  About a year before my dad passed away he showed me where your dad is buried.  My dad had a lot of respect for your dad.  He always looked forward to seeing him at tax time.  I thought you might enjoy hearing that old story about your dad.  He has been greatly missed.